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HopeFilled Budgeting Accountability

Looking for budgeting accountability with tools, tips, and tricks to make your budget actually work for you?

That is what HopeFilled Budgeting Accountability is all about!

Regular 30 minute budget meetings will be scheduled each month for us to review last month's progress and to review you budget for the month ahead. We will help you identify and tame budget busters while also guiding you to your HopeFilled Financial Future!

Anyone can afford this plan. Our HopeFilled Budgeting Accountability fee is 1% or your monthly budget. Finally, anyone can afford to have a budget that works with accountability that helps you stick to it!


First Consultation
This one hour online meeting has no fee.

This first consultation is designed to discuss your financial needs. To make this meeting more productive, a Financial Snapshot will need to be filled out prior to scheduling. You will be prompted to fill out your Financial Snapshot when you click the booking button above. All information will be kept strictly confidential, and we will only ever ask for numbers and categories to give a us a picture of your "Snapshot." Consultations are conducted over Zoom meetings (or face-to-face if you are available in the Kansas City area).
Coaching Appointment
These one hour appointments are scheduled after the initial consultation.

These appointments are the heart of the coaching experience. This is where we will walk through your financial plan together. Appointments can be scheduled on an as-needed basis with no commitment to further appointments. When you book an appointment, you will be asked to upload requested documents provided after your past consultation or appointment. Pre-paid plans come with a finite number of discounted appointments. Appointments are conducted over Zoom meetings (or face-to-face if you are available in the Kansas City area). All appointments come with 2 complimentary follow-up calls.
Follow-up Call
Appointment come with two complimentary follow-up phone calls.
Up to two 15 minute follow-up calls can be scheduled on an as-needed basis after every appointment if there are questions about action steps recommended during your appointment. Follow-up calls are conducted over Zoom meetings or traditional phone calls. Working on personal financial goals is a process. As your coach, we want to do everything we can to help that process lead you to a HopeFilled future. We are here for you every step of the way!

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