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HopeFilled Workshops

Your Marriage, God's Word, and Money

This two hour workshop will leave couples who attend more united and hopeful about their finances. Couples will learn Biblical financial principles that will provide them tools to make wise decisions as a couple.

For Churches

Web-Based Workshop
Facilitator Links and Instructions

If you have already purchased your workshop, please use the buttons below to access your documents and videos.

Why is This Workshop Valuable?

In our culture, money stands as a taboo topic for many discussions and relationships. It should not be a surprise that money fights and money problems are at the center of many failing marriages. It breaks our hearts at HopeFilled to know that 48% of first-time marriages fail while the #1 indicator of a failing marriage is one spouse believing that the other spends money foolishly.

Why is this the case?

How We Make a Difference!

Our HopeFilled ministry holds supporting healthy marriage as our top priority. We believe that marriage enrichment that is focused on personal finance through the lens of Biblical wisdom is the most efficient means to helping struggling marriages survive and good marriages thrive!


How can a church efficiently support their married community? Most effective financial/marriage education solutions involve multiple weeks of workshops (Like re-engage or Financial Peace University) – a prohibitive commitment for those in the best place to receive Biblical financial marriage enrichment. Most shorter workshop offerings do not offer a robust way to make a tangible, lasting difference. We have the HopeFilled solution.

In-Person Workshops

The in-person delivery is available to churches in or near the Kansas City area. Jay Disberger will facilitate the 2-hour workshop IN-PERSON at your church! We will provide you with blurb options for your website, church newsletters, and/or bulletins. Means for couples to sign-up can be provided by your church or HopeFilled Financial Coaching. After a pre-determined signup deadline, we will produce all workbooks and handouts required for the workshop. On the day of the workshop, we sincerely request that a member of your church leadership be present for an opening prayer. Your church should provide:


  • Tables that seat 3 to 4 couples per table

  • A screen or projector with HDMI connectivity

  • Water for participants


In-person workshops are limited to 14 couples so that the delivery of the workshop is not diminished for participants. A minimum of 3 or 4 couples is required for the workshop discussions to be fruitful.


There are two pricing models for the in-person workshop: Church Pricing and Individual Pricing.

Church Pricing:


Individual Pricing:


We recommend utilizing the church pricing, as it is ultimately more economical overall for full workshops. Under this option, your church will be provided with an invoice that is due not later than two weeks before the workshop date. Churches are recommended but not required to charge $10 per person. In this way couples may feel monetarily invested with their participation and the church may recoup some costs.


Under individual pricing, HopeFilled Financial Coaching will facilitate the workshop signup and provide participants with a checkout upon signup. This provides an option to provide this workshop to your community even if your church cannot afford the church pricing.


When you are ready to setup an in-person workshop for your church, please click the workshop request button below!

Web-Based Workshops

The online delivery is an even more affordable option where HopeFilled Financial Coaching provides you with copy-written digital materials for you to easily facilitate the workshop without an in-person financial coach. The workshop will still be facilitated at your church so groups of 3 to 4 couples may engage in fruitful discussions, but the presence of our financial coach will be replaced with pre-recoded videos.

For this option, you sign up for free access to advertising and planning documents. These free documents include facilitation instructions and the governing workshop agreement. 6 days before you facilitate the workshop, you will need to purchase 1 week of access to handout documents (for you to print) and the workshop videos.


Under the web-based workshop agreement, your church will be required to cap participation at 14 couples so that the quality of the workshop is not lost in managing a larger group. It is recommended but not required that churches charge $20 per couple. In this way, couples may feel monetarily invested with their participation. This option is priced in such a way that churches may be able to make a little money in the end. What do you have to lose?! 


Web-Based Pricing:   



On the day of the actual workshop, you will only need a member of church staff or a volunteer available to login to your HopeFilled account, play the videos on a large screen or projection, and direct group discussion according to the instructions. That is it!


If you are ready to enrich the lives of the married couples in your faithful community, click the button below!

What We Offer

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