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HopeFilled Coaching

What to Expect

In 3 Easy Steps

“A clear vision, backed by definite plans, gives you a tremendous feeling of confidence and personal power.” 

― Brian Tracy

Need to Know More?

Your Consultation

Your Consultation
When you book a complimentary consultation here on our website, you will be prompted through filling out a "Financial Snapshot."  This information will be reviewed before your consultation so that we can develop and recommend a custom coaching plan designed just for you.
After the Financial Snapshot is completed, you will be able to schedule your consultation hour through our website.  You will then receive a Zoom meeting invite scheduled at that time.  We can offer in-person consultations if you are available in the Kansas City area upon request.
During your consultation, we will review your financial needs and goals in more quality and depth than what can be shared on paper.  The goal of the consultation is to get to know one another and understand your situation - and how we can best help you.
While we will not complete any real financial coaching during the consultation, the session will end with us recommending a customized HopeFilled coaching plan for you.  We will be able to tell you:
  • How many appointments we will recommend.
  • What will be accomplished at each appointment.
  • How much investing in coaching will cost (discounts are available).
  • How far appointments need to be spaced out.
  • What action steps you can take before your first appointment.
We are here to help change your life for the better - to help you achieve HopeFilled Financial Freedom!

“An investment in knowledge

pays the best interest.”

– Benjamin Franklin

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Your Appointments

Your Appointments
Our main goal of every appointment is to educate with the heart of a teacher.  We want to walk with you through a plan, through a process, that teaches you what you want and need to understand about how to be the most HopeFilled and financially free version of yourself.  Your investment in learning and walking through a plan with guidance can easily yield the best return on your money - more than any other investment out there.  We help make struggling financial situations better, and we help make good financial situations great!

Before every appointment, you will have received action steps from us at either your consultation or last appointment.  Using this website to book your appointment will prompt you through submitting updates on your action steps or assigned documentation.  The next steps will walk you through calendar booking and check out.  You will then receive a Zoom meeting invite scheduled at that time.  We can offer in-person appointments if you are available in the Kansas City area upon request.

The appointments will follow your HopeFilled financial plan we outlined in your complimentary consultation.  During each of your appointments, we review the progress on your action items, cover new material as scheduled, and assign new action steps by the end of the hour.  In addition to learning and implementing what we cover in your appointments, you will benefit by having us to hold you accountable to a plan that will work, as well as the peace of mind that you have an expert behind you every step of the way.

“Setting a goal is not the main thing. It is deciding how you will go about achieving it and staying with that plan.” – Tom Landry

Every Appointment Comes With

Two Complimentary Follow-up Calls! (See Below)

Walking Through Your Plan

Walking Through Your Plan
Plans and appointments are necessary in the coaching process, but you are the one who ultimately makes the goals, plans, and dreams a reality.  Sometimes, not everything was accounted for or understood on paper. 
This is why we offer up to two 15 minute follow-up calls after every appointment.  We are here to help you execute your plans and your action steps.  The process for booking these calls through the website will be familiar by this point.  The purpose of these calls will be to cover nuances in action steps, to clear up any confusion related to your last appointment, or to be there when you are needing a motivating pep talk.
Booked calls will be accepted or declined to regulate the limit of two.  This limit only exists to encourage efficiency and healthy understanding.  If more calls could be merited, so could another appointment to best help you achieve success.
Never forget that your HopeFilled future is a process, and not a destination.  We are here to help you through the unknown so that you can own that future with a peace of mind, heart, and bank balance.
It is time to change your life!

You must gain control over your money or the lack of it will forever control you. –Dave Ramsey

But Wait, There is More!

The Best Way to Save on Coaching

We want you to be as successful as possible, and we often will recommend more than one appointment for our clients.  Most commonly, if you are wanting to learn to budget, that typically takes three appointments over three months.
For our clients who have the money and desire to commit to multiple appointments up front, we offer the discounted rates listed below.  It takes a lot of confidence and commitment to apply yourself to a firm life-changing investment, and we want to reward that with up-front savings to help you all the more.  We cannot wait to walk with you on your exciting HopeFilled future!
Credit Assessment

3 Appointment Plan

Many clients will choose this plan when they are learning to budget and start making headway on one or two specific questions about personal finance. This plan helps set you up for success with a discount.



6 Appointment Plan

Clients looking for some more time for the accountability or guidance through longer term financial goals can benefit from this plan. Financial goals and progress can take time to work out, and this plan exists for you.


Investment Chart

12 Appointment Plan

This 12 appointment plan is for the long haul to pay off debt or retrain stubborn financial habits. If you are looking for a total money makeover and HopeFilled confidence with money, this plan will save you $600 to start!


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